Citibank Is Anti-Second Amendment

Bill Davison got quite a surprise recently.  After banking with Citibank for two years, he was informed that his account was being closed.  Actually, it was not a personal account, but for his business – Tac Pro Shooting Center in Mingus, TX.

He obtained a written policy statement from the bank indicating that along with pornography businesses, any business selling firearms is viewed as a dangerous business that the bank will not serve.  I just love lumping guns and girlies together.

If you bank with Citibank, I would suggest that you pull your account and find another bank which you can do here:  You will notice that Citibank has a D rating.  Not very sound.

Citibank is full of toxic assets and is not a stable business for you to place your funds for safekeeping.  This is a two-fer: you get to put your funds in a safer bank, and you get to “vote” against an anti-gun company.

A number of other banks have been content to operate in a much more conservative way.  They are often smaller, and frequently operate at a local or regional level.  Their policies have kept them from being forced to make loans to people who could not repay.

All you have to do to find all the A-rated banks in your state is select “A” for the rating you want, select your state, and go.

I have put my funds in a local bank near where I live in Northern Virginia.