Conservatives Debate Obama’s Giving Interpol Immunity

January 11, 2010
Executive Order #12425

The White House may be yawning at the uproar over President Obama’s Executive Order #12425 extending diplomatic privileges to the International Criminal Police Organization, better known as Interpol, but Ronald Noble is taking it seriously.

That is an encouraging sign, because Noble is Interpol’s Secretary General. Appointed in 2000, the former federal prosecutor is the first American to head the organization. He works out of its offices in Lyon, France, which means it was after midnight his time when he spoke recently to Human Events.

Unlike the Obama Administration, which told the New York Times that the Executive Order wasn’t “newsworthy,” Noble is moving to stem concerns about the specter of an international police force operating with diplomatic immunity in the United States. “The Executive Order gives Interpol no law-enforcement or investigative powers to engage in activities on U.S. soil,” including “searches, seizures or arrests in the U.S.,” said Noble.

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