GOA Has The Right To Tell You What You Need To Know About Candidates

If there were ever a time when the American people needed to know the facts about how their elected representatives were voting on issues that mean a lot to them — like our Second Amendment rights — this is the year.

The level of misinformation, half-truths and outright lies being spread by politicians is greater now than ever before.  As a gun owner, you know you can rely on us to give you an honest assessment as to whether your Congressman and Senators are making things better or worse for us.

But, not too long ago, the Congress managed to ram through a bill disguised as “campaign finance reform” that was nothing more than a “gag rule” against groups like Gun Owners of America.  These legislators wanted to prevent groups like ours from being able to tell you how they acted, especially at election time, when voters really need information.

Called the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Act, this bill was nothing more than a direct assault on free speech.  And, yes, the McCain co-authoring the bill was Senator John McCain, a politician who has good cause to keep his voting record hidden.  I know this might be upsetting to read since Senator McCain served his country during the Vietnam War and was a P.O.W. for more than five years after his plane was shot down over Hanoi.

While we should honor him for his service to the nation, Americans must also look at his voting record to see if he is representing their best interests.  The McCain-Feingold Act was not the first time McCain teamed up with the radical Left to support their agenda.

At the beginning of the year, he voted with the left in support of the rabidly anti-gun Eric Holder for Attorney General.  During the Clinton years, he voted for several appointees who were opponents of gun ownership.  He authored legislation to effectively shut down gun shows as well as voted to restrict ammunition, and to require self-defense guns to be locked up.

But this isn’t about Senator McCain.  It is about GOA’s right to be able to tell you the things you need to know about candidates so that constituents will know when office holders are blowing smoke.  Then they can take action and put the heat on those incumbents who say they are pro-gun but are really anti-gun types.  Now, even 30 days before a primary election when they are much more responsive to their constituents views we can use their precious name in ads to light a fire underneath them.

We intend to use this right to ensure that every gun owner in the United States, especially members of Gun Owners of America, will be able to put the heat on office holders when it can make the most difference-right before an election.

Also included in the Supreme Court’s decision is our right to provide Pro-Second Amendment information using a variety of media, including radio and TV ads.  And, yes, GOA is currently raising funds to help distribute such information to multiple media outlets around the country — including Arizona, which is Senator McCain’s home state.

We are targeting areas of the country where we believe our Second Amendment advocacy message is most needed.  And we intend to try to conduct our Second Amendment advocacy campaigns in as many states as we can.  But we know that our budget may limit the number of races we can focus on.

We believe that our Federal and State Campaign to ensure constituents put the heat on when it counts the most will be a powerful new tool that constituents can use to make sure that their public servants serve them.

If you believe, as I do, that an informed electorate is the best hope for keeping America safe and strong, I urge you to help us right now.

The Supreme Court recognized our right to use the names of politicians.  Now, it’s up to us to use this opportunity to help our nation get back on its feet by making sure candidates are not forgetting the Second Amendment when they make promises to get elected.

Your contribution, today, in any amount — Please Click Here — will go a long way to helping GOA reach its goal of demanding candidates support the Second Amendment.

Thank you for your continued support for our work.


Larry Pratt

Executive Director

P.S.  Whatever amount you can afford to donate, whether it is $5 or $500, will be gratefully appreciated and put to work immediately on our Federal and State Campaign to ensure constituents put the heat on when it counts the most-right before an election  Thank you!