A Jewish View Of Lieberman

I am Jewish, the son of Holocaust survivors and very opposed to Joe Lieberman. My parents and other survivors told me about the truth on what happened in Germany during the war…. They were not silent after the war, just that the media hid the truth from the public… just like they are hiding the truth today!

Simply put, Joe Lieberman is cut from the same cloth of Jewish leaders who led millions of Jews and Christians to the gas chambers.

He will support every instance of genocide he can including the modern day practice of abortion. How can a religious Jew support this? How can a religious Jew support sin?

In all, how can any person of Jewish or Christian faith support gun control? In Germany gun control set the stage where only criminals owned guns and the law abiding were defenseless! Is this the path Joe Leiberman wants to lead us down like his predecessor Alfred Rosenberg who was an advisor to Adolph Hitler? Is he the reborn Pied Piper of death? The enemy from within?

There are many good Jews and good Christians who are trying to fight evil. Please… the press/media is the enemy; it is not Jewish controlled, rather socialist controlled — Jewish in blood but not in faith!


Ralph J. Rubinek is a second generation survivor of the Holocaust.