OH: Arming Teachers Bill Passes Senate and Heads to DeWine’s Desk!

As you may remember from back in November, GOA alerted you on the – now passed – Constitutional Carry bill and a bill that would more easily allow teachers to be armed. 

We had a big win back in March when Constitutional Carry was signed into law, but the bill that armed teachers remained stagnant. That is until last week, when the Senate finally took a vote and passed HB 99, and sent it to the Governor’s desk. 

As a reminder, HB 99, championed by Representative Thomas Hall (R), would allow teachers to arm themselves after receiving a minimum of 24 hours of training, and 8 hours each year after. This bill is especially critical as it would protect the more rural schools in the state where it would take law enforcement too much precious time to show up during an emergency. 

Because of the mandatory training, this bill is not perfect. However, it is a solid step towards actually decreasing the chance or minimizing the casualties of school shootings. 

We ask that you please urge Governor DeWine to enact HB 99!