NY: Governor Kathy Hochul Ignores SCOTUS Decision; Makes it Harder to Carry Anyway

Despite the Supreme Court opinion stating that New York’s “may issue” permitting system is unconstitutional, your State Legislators and Governor Kathy Hochul just launched a direct attack on concealed carry. All in a matter of just a few days, a bill was slapped together, passed, and signed into law to further restrict concealed carry in order to make it useless even if the state becomes “shall issue.” 

Included in the new law are: 

  • New Gun Free Zones (creating more soft targets in vulnerable places so that a criminal will feel more comfortable to attack) 
  • A ban on carrying guns on public transport 
  • Mandated 16 hours of training to apply for a permit to carry 
  • A requirement to show your last 3 years of social media history in order to get a permit to carry 
  • A requirement to have an interview and references in order to obtain a permit to carry 

This new law is an absurd violation of the Constitution and was created to undermine the NYSRPA v. Bruen case ruling of SCOTUS.  When Governor Hochul was asked if she had the numbers to show that concealed carry permit holders were the problem, Hochul responded, “I don’t need to have numbers. I don’t need to have a data point to say this.”  She’s pushing an agenda she knows nothing about.

In fact, the Governor should know Cops are 7x MORE LIKELY to use their firearm in a crime than concealed carry holders. So if she can’t trust her citizens with guns, then she shouldn’t trust her security detail either and should disarm them immediately. 

Please click here to shame Governor Hochul and let her know that her unconstitutional law will lead to New York losing in court yet again. GOA is monitoring the situation and considering all options.