Snuff Out Gun Confiscation Orders in Nevada!

Gun Confiscation Introduced in Carson City

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Urge your State Lawmakers to OPPOSE Red Flag Gun Grabs

New York-style gun control may be on its way to Nevada, if anti-gun legislators have their way.

The bill, Senate Bill 120, was drafted by one of the many minions working for New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who is using his vast fortune to buy up states like Nevada for his anti-gun cause.

Under this bill, the police or an “angry ex” can make a telephone call to a judge, requesting that you be stripped of your Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights.

They don’t have to demonstrate that you have committed a crime. They don’t have to demonstrate that there is any chance that you will ever commit a crime.

Rather, all they have to show is that you are — subjectively — “dangerous” to someone.  This can be shown because you have “exhibited conduct which a law enforcement officer determines would present a threat to the safety of the public.”  

Note that the determination doesn’t have to be “reasonable” or “correct.” Also, if you acquired a firearm within the last 6 months, that also constitutes “high-risk behavior.”  (Paragraph 10 of section 9).

That’s all it takes for you to be stripped of your constitutional rights.

And it doesn’t end there.

We’ve had some experience with “emergency telephone calls” like this.  And, when only the hysterical accuser is on the line, a pliant judge will normally sign anything that is put before him.

In New Mexico, one judge issued a restraining order against Dave Letterman for supposedly sending coded messages to a New Mexico housewife, by way of her TV set.

So, after the rubber-stamp judge has given the okay to a telephone request, you lose your constitutional rights with NO DUE PROCESS. The next thing that happens is that the police arrive at your door in the middle of the night, ready to ransack your house and, if you resist, to arrest or kill you.

If you think this couldn’t happen, you should consider the case of 60-year-old Gary Willis of Ferndale, Maryland, who was shot to death by police serving a “red flag” order at 5:17 a.m. — after he, not unreasonably, came to the door with a gun in his hand.

Sure, you’ll get a hearing in 21 days — where you can try to convince the judge he made a mistake.

But no matter.  In circumstances like these, judges NEVER rule for the gun owner.

One more consideration:  You would think that even anti-gun liberals would have some problem with giving police the ability to get a rubber-stamped order to raid the home of suspected illegal immigrants, based on an allegation that they are “dangerous.”

And those who believe late-night confrontations with police are more likely to produce fatal results for minorities might want to lay aside their hatred of guns — and consider where the suspension of due process might lead.

But, if you want to turn Nevada gun ownership into some horrible nightmare, Senate Bill 120 is your vehicle.  If not, there may still be time to stop it.

So please take action above and urge your state lawmakers to OPPOSE Red Flag Gun Grabs!