Tell Sen. Hassan to support the Filibuster

Keep the filibuster, keep your guns!


Maggie Hassan has a secret.

She is prepared to cast the deciding vote on sweeping gun control restrictions.

A national gun registry (H.R. 8}? Check

Giving the FBI the ability to halt all gun sales nationwide (H.R. 1446)? Check

A ban on all semi-automatic firearms? Check

Middle-of-the-night gun confiscation? Check

And to accomplish all of this, Sen. Hassan is ready to cast a vote that will create a one-party kleptocracy in America for the rest of our lifetimes.

Statehood for D.C. and Puerto Rico? Check

Packing the courts? Check

Paying homeless people to scour poor neighborhoods to harvest blank ballots? Check

20,000,000 illegal aliens to form an impenetrable Far-Left voting block? Check

But, you ask, given that Hassan is up in 2022 … and given that she is trailing potential challenger Chris Sununu in Leftist polls … how can she vote for all these crazy things … and perhaps cast the deciding vote on all of them?

The answer is that, by voting to end the filibuster, she will lower from 60 to 50 the number of votes necessary to enact a radical Democrat anti-gun agenda. It’s an agenda which will make the entire U.S. resemble California — an agenda that will make it impossible for pro-gunners to win power in Washington for the next hundred years.

But there is a chance that Senator Hassan will do the right thing. Back in 2017 she advocated for a 60-vote threshold to confirm Supreme Court nominees. It stands to reason that she should, in the name of consistency, be in favor of maintaining the filibuster.

But if she votes to do away with the filibuster, New Hampshire gun owners may not have any way to regain their rights and keep their guns.

It is not clear who will be in the race to challenge Hassan. But, already, even Leftist polls show Sununu leading Hassan by 6 points. This makes it the ideal time to contact Senator Hassan. She’s VERY concerned about her political future.

So please, use the above form to contact Sen. Hassan and urge her to vote NO on any rules changes that would do away with, or even curtail the legislative filibuster.

This is very important. We need you to use the above form to send a message to Sen. Hassan to let her know that you expect her to vote to uphold the filibuster.

Let Sen. Hassan know that you expect her to uphold New Hampshire values and the Second Amendment and the way to do that is to vote to keep the legislative filibuster.