NH: Final Push to Enact Enhanced Preemption — HB 307!



Let State Reps. know that you want them to enact HB 307, firearms pre-emption

HB 307, Enhanced Preemption, was introduced by GOA Life Member, Rep. Norm Silber and is intended to stop local officials from violating existing law and the Second Amendment rights of citizens. Click here to read our analysis and reasoning behind our support for HB 307, even with the Senate Amendment. Then, please click here to ask your State Reps. to vote yes on the expected motion to concur.

Even though the Senate Amended HB 307, the prime sponsor, Rep. Norm Silber, and GOA’s Legislative Counsel, Michael Hammond, both agree that the amendment does not change the intent or the effect of HB 307 — which is to stop local officials from enacting gun control. Gun owners are entitled to a clear and consistent set of state-wide laws.

HB 307 does the following good things:

1) The bill includes a long list of firearms related activities that local units of government cannot regulate; and just in case anything was left off that long list, it includes the words “other matter” which Attorney Hammond told me is a “catch all phrase” to make sure there are no local gun bans.

2) Unlike current law, HB 307 prohibits gun bans by private entities leasing or using public property.

3) Also, unlike current law, HB 307 specifically lists school districts and school administrative units as being covered by the provisions of the bill. This means that school districts cannot, under any circumstances, prohibit adults from carrying guns in school buildings or on school property.

4) HB 307 proves modest penalties against any local unit of government that violates the law. A first offense is $500, second $1,000, and third $2,500; and if the violations persist, up to $5,000. Furthermore, courts are empowered to issue injunctions. But the bill is lenient– offenders are given 90 days to rescind the anti-gun ordinance or rule and avoid penalties.

5) HB 307 prohibits the use of zoning to discriminate against firearms manufacturers and dealers.

Please don’t wait, click here to urge your State Reps. to vote YES on a motion to concur on HB 307.