WA: Magazine Ban Being Pushed in WA House!

The Anti-Gun Left is at it again! Washington HB 1164 is an overt attack on your Second Amendment rights. Radical Leftist Rep. Javier Valdez is attempting to make possession of any magazine which holds more than 10 cartridges, a criminal offense. This attack started and passed in the senate under SB 5078.

This HB 1164 not only criminalizes possession, but also bans the manufacture, sale, transfer, or gifting of any magazine that has a capacity in excess of 10 rounds.

Since criminals, by their very nature, ignore the laws, HB 1164 is a direct attack on the law-abiding people of Washington.

This horrible bill is the work of the House Committee on Civil Rights and Judiciary and is on the move! Time is of the essence, please contact the Committee members and urge them to reject HB 1164.

Javier Valdez (D) Chair-  (206) 905-8739

Tarra Simmons (D) Vice-Chair – (564) 888-2476

Gregory Gilday (R) Ranking Member –  (360) 939-1211

Virginia Graham (R) Ranking Member –  (509) 960-5393

James Walsh (R) Ranking Member –  (360) 485-0547

Lauren Davis (D) – (206) 673-3501

Debra J. Entenman (D) –  (253) 330-5504

Roger E. Goodman (D) –   (360) 786-7878

Steve Kirby (D) –  (360) 786-7996

Tina L. Orwall (D) –  (253) 656-5265

Peter Abbarno (R ) –  (360) 786-7896

Bradley A. Klippert (R)  –  (360) 786-7882

And in addition please urge your State Representative to oppose this bill ASAP.