NH: Pre-emption still needs help, contact state reps!

Click here to urge State Reps. to support the amended HB 307, pre-emption.

A few weeks ago, I wrote to tell you that the Senate Judiciary Committee had proposed an amendment to HB 307, the “Enhanced Firearms Preemption” bill.

I wrote that: “I have reviewed the committee amendment with the prime sponsor, Rep. Norm Silber — as well as, with Michael Hammond, GOA’s Legislative Counsel. Both feel that the amendment does not change the intent or the effect of HB 307 — which is to stop local officials from enacting gun control. Gun owners are entitled to a clear and consistent set of state-wide laws.”

The alert went on to ask gun owners to contact their state senators and urge them to adopt the proposed Committee Amendment to HB 307. The Senate heard your voices and on January 5, they voted HB 307 “ought to pass with an amendment.”

The House needs to vote to concur with the Senate’s Amendment. We expected a smooth process, however, GOA is receiving reports that some people, who claim to know more about New Hampshire gun law than Michael Hammond and Rep. Norm Silber, are saying the amendment weakens HB 307 and are urging State Reps. to not concur.

These reports, from some who should know better, prompted me to ask GOA Legislative Counsel Michael Hammond to take a second look at the amended version of HB 307, and he told me that:

I would support the addition of the word “use” to the categories of preempted activities — BUT NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF TAKING THE BILL DOWN. In short, the bill, as it is, is far, far, far better than nothing. And I would urge you not to do anything which would endanger its passage.

Attorney Hammond further stated that: “To destroy a solid pro-gun bill over the removal of one word is short-sighted, the truth is, when HB 307 strictly protects firearms-related activities such as the sale, purchase, ownership, possession, transportation, licensing, permitting, taxation or other matter pertaining to firearms, ammunition, ammunition components, knives, firearm components, firearms accessories, and firearms supplies would not only be fool-hardy, it would show that those who are objecting to the amended version of HB 307 do not truly have the best interests of firearms owners in mind.”

In order to stop illegal local gun control, HB 307 must be enacted into law.

Please click here to contact your state representatives and urge them to vote YES on a motion to concur with the Senate Amendment to HB 307.