NH: Stop the thuggery at NH Fish and Game

Click here to stop the abuses of NH Fish and Game.

Those of us who understand what the Constitution stands for, have, for many years, complained about the massive civil liberties violations committed by the Conservation Officers of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.

In October 2019, we held a press conference with several pro-gun legislators to urge Gov. Sununu to replace the outgoing Executive Director with someone who will respect the Constitution. But the abuses have still continued. The TV SHOW “Northwoods Law” has shined a spotlight on the coercive tactics used to gain unconstitutional confessions, the illegal searches and the glaring fact that Conservation Officers use the threat of arrest, even for the lowest level of violations (where a hand summons would be more appropriate) as a tool to force confessions.

We have even received reports of Conservation Officers telling hikers, that carrying a gun, in the woods, is prima-facia evidence of poaching. It’s not. It’s evidence that people are taking responsibility for their personal safety by carrying a gun.

This abuse may soon come to an end. Rep. Jim Spillane and three other strongly pro-gun, pro-Constitution State Representatives have introduced HB 1091 which, if enacted into law, will force Conservation Officers to apply for a search warrant just like every other law enforcement officer in New Hampshire. And they didn’t stop there, HB 1091 also raises the burden of proof required for a search, from the very low-level “reasonable suspicion” to the more traditional, 51% burden, commonly referred to as “probable cause.”

The House Fish, Game and Marine Resources Committee will conduct a public hearing on HB 1091 on Friday, January 14 at 10:15AM in the Legislative Office Building.

Please click here to send a message to the Committee and urge them to vote HB 1091 “ought to pass” without any amendments or changes.