VIDEO: Anti-Gun Director of NH Fish and Game is on His Way Out

Gov. Sununu Must Support a Pro-Gun Nominee to the Fish & Game Commission

GOA Holds Press Conference Urging Gov. Sununu to Support Pro-Gun Nominee

Last week, GOA Legislative Counsel Michael Hammond and I were invited by State Rep. John Burt to participate in a press conference.  The presser was called to urge Governor Sununu to reject any nominee for the position of Executive Director of New Hampshire Fish and Game who is an anti-gun activist.

You can watch below the press conference, and you can click here to see coverage in the Union Leader.

Outgoing Executive Director Glenn Normandeau is a gun control radical.  He has done a stellar job carrying water for Michael Bloomberg, Moms Demand Action, and Gabrielle Giffords.

No public official should ever allow their own views to color their official acts; but Normandeau and Chief of Law Enforcement, Colonel Kevin Jordan, have done just that.  They have opposed critical pro-gun reform legislation such as Constitutional Carry, decriminalization of a loaded rifle or shotgun in a car, and Extention of Constitutional Carry to snowmobiles and ATVs.

Gun Owners of America is not involved with wildlife management or conservation.  However, when a state agency that is charged with that task strays from that mission and tramples Second Amendment civil rights, we are forced to become involved.

Jordan’s behavior is even more outrageous because the Fish and Game Department receives millions of dollars in federal gun and ammunition tax money, as well as, State General fund tax money.  These are taxes that are mostly paid by non-hunters.  To learn more about the gun tax click here.

The TV Show “Northwoods Law” has pulled back the curtain on many Conservation Officer’s civil liberties violations.  This includes questioning hunters after they ask for an attorney, or falsely accusing a young hunter of using a firearm during archery season or even requiring hunters to take them back to the kill site and answer questions — without the benefit of legal counsel — so they can then arrest and charge them.

But the worst is that they arrest for violation level offenses as a tool to compel suspects to confess — sometimes for non-crimes. I recently heard from a resident landowner in Sullivan County who was falsely accused by anti-gun CO Kevin Bronson of falsifying a deer registration tag.

One of my sources in Concord told me that the Fish and Game Commission is giving serious consideration to Kevin Jordan for the position of Executive Director.  As Chief of Law Enforcement, Jordan has testified before the legislature for gun control and has ultimate responsibility for the massive civil liberties violations which are committed by Conservation Officers on a regular basis. He is certainly not deserving of a promotion.

Here is what you need to do:

Please contact Governor Sununu and urge him to reject any nominee for Executive Director of New Hampshire Fish and Game who is not committed to protecting Second Amendment civil rights.

And please let the Governor know that you are especially concerned about promoting Kevin Jordan, who has supported gun control and overseen the Department’s massive civil liberties violations.