Jeff Landry for AG

Gun Owners of America Endorses Jeff Landry for Attorney General

Nation’s Largest No-Compromise Gun Rights Group says the “Choice Is Obvious”










Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund (PVF) has proudly endorsed Jeff Landry for Louisiana Attorney General.

“The choice could not have been more clear,” GOA Chairman Tim Macy stated. “In Congress, Jeff earned a 100 percent GOA rating, and only the best of the best earn 100 percent. Time and time again, Jeff Landry has gone above and beyond the call of duty to preserve and restore gun rights.”

The differences are glaring between Landry and anti-gun incumbent and former Democrat Buddy Caldwell, who pulled an Arlen Specter and switched parties to improve his chances of re-election.

“Let’s not forget the company Caldwell keeps,” Macy said. “We will never forget his unwavering support of Mary Landrieu. He is still working to elect other gun-grabbers, like State Rep. Barbara Norton, who boasted in a public House hearing ‘I am doing everything I can to keep guns out of the people’s hands.’

“Caldwell is so anti-gun, and Landry so pro-gun,” Macy continued, “that the Louisiana Republican Party recently endorsed Landry over the incumbent Caldwell.”

Landry also co-sponsored the Firearms Interstate Commerce Reform Act to help remove several unnecessary restrictions imposed on the interstate firearms business.

“Buddy Caldwell switched parties to save his re-election. We can’t let gun-grabbers control the attorney general’s office. We would literally be giving them the handcuffs and jail cells to target gun owners,” Macy said.

“The choice is very clear,” Macy concluded, “stand with GOA and the Republican Party of LA. Support 100 percent-rated pro-gun champion Jeff Landry.”

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