ND: Pass Campus Carry and Anti-Red Flag Bills!

Contact Your State Representatives Today to Report HB 1401 and HB 1404 from Committee

I have good news! 

Bills to stop Red Flags (HB 1401) and allow Campus Carry (HB 1404) are coming up for a vote in the North Dakota House Energy and Natural Resources Committee on Thursday, January 26th at 2:15 PM.

But neither of these bills will get reported from committee unless gun owners take action and let their state representatives know to pass these important measures to protect and restore our God-given rights.

Representative Heilman, R-D7, has been hard at work attempting to make campuses safe by advancing Campus Carry, H.B. 1404!

Additionally, Rep. Heilman has followed the lead of an increasing number of States by proposing H.B. 1401, which combats the unconstitutional “Red Flag” craze that is sweeping Democrat-controlled legislatures.

These Red Flag bills would allow the police or an angry relative to take your guns away with unsubstantiated allegations made in a secret proceeding before a judge, who is not even required to first get your side of the story. . You will not be notified before the police show up at your house in the middle of the night to knock on your door and confiscate your firearms.

Under H.B. 1401, “red flag” orders would be illegal in North Dakota. And no locality could receive money under the so-called “Bipartisan Safer Communities Act 2022” intended to turn North Dakota into a gun control state.

The safety of our young adults and ensuring that we don’t place citizens in potentially dangerous confrontations with law enforcement should be a priority for all North Dakotans!

Gun Owners of America supports Rep. Heilman’s efforts to protect the rights of young adults and law-abiding Second Amendment supporters across the state.

House Bills 1401 & 1404 are scheduled for a committee hearing on January 26th at 2:15 PM in the Coteau AB Room.

Patriots, please try to attend the hearing in person.

If you wish to testify, you can find the instructions at this link and please limit your comments to five minutes.

Regardless, please click the button below to tell the House Energy and Natural Resources Committee to report both of these bills.

Now is the time to ramp up the pressure by turning out in large numbers for the committee hearing on the 26th of January!