GOA grassroots commended for aggressive activism

Grassroots Gun Owners Apply the Heat, as Hundreds of Localities Become Sanctuary Counties

“There are two huge stallions in this game in Virginia. It’s the VCDL and the Gun Owners of America. They are doing tremendous work in the state.” — YouTube Host Jared Yanis, Guns & Gadgets,  January 6, 2020.

Given that gun grabbers are using Virginia as a test case to target and take control of the legislatures in other states, gun owners nationwide must be Registered to Vote prior to the next election.

Click on the red button or go here to do so. And get five pro-gun friends or family members (including adult children) to register as well.

Virginia is a Test Case for Gun Grabbers

You’re probably hearing a lot of news coming out of Virginia.

And with good reason. The new legislature is being sworn in today, and major gun control — including confiscation of rifles and handguns — is on the agenda.

Michael Bloomberg spent millions of dollars in Virginia to mobilize less than 5,000 voters in strategic districts, and that was enough to change both houses of the Virginia legislature to Democrat control.

Democrats say they implemented a strategic “pilot program” in Virginia during the last election. And now, because of their recent electoral success, they plan on expanding the program to a dozen swing states this November.

That means your state could be next — and that’s one reason we need to crush their advances in Virginia, to stem their momentum going into other states.

In Virginia, the grassroots pressure from GOA and VCDL has been intense, and there’s even one article suggesting that some legislators are reconsidering their support for gun control.

Obviously, it’s still too early to tell, as no votes have been cast. Regardless, gun owners can’t let up the pressure. They need to keep up the heat.

Is the VA Governor seeking to enforce gun control via Executive Order?

Gun Owners of America broke the story that exposed Governor “Blackface” Northam’s anti-gun budget.

The Governor is requesting $4 million and 18 new law enforcement officers to enforce a so-called “assault weapons” ban that is not currently law in Virginia; and requesting another $3.5 million to enforce a myriad of other infringements — again, all policies which are not law in Virginia.

This finding caused an uproar in the gun-owning community in Virginia, resulting in lots of media attention and four very packed legislative budget hearings across the state where gun owners loudly protested the power grab.

In a GOA statement issued prior to my testimony at the legislative budget hearing, we challenged officials to answer the questions that gun owners want to know:

Is this money [in the Governor’s budget] going to be used for the gun confiscation that, in November, the Governor said he was considering?

[Or] could the Governor be planning to use that money to enforce his gun control agenda through executive order? And given that possible scenario, would legislators support a budget amendment preventing him from doing that?

You can see my testimony here.

GOA has also been working alongside the state group, Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL):

* Together we have answered the anti-gun Attorney General of Virginia who, despite supporting sanctuaries for illegal aliens, issued a terse letter opposing Second Amendment sanctuaries.

* Both groups have mobilized gun owners into packed legislative hearings to protest the gun control in the Governor’s budget.

* And GOA has assisted VCDL, which has done the bulk of the work in getting people into Board of Supervisor meetings, resulting in over 90 percent of Virginia counties declaring themselves to be 2A sanctuaries.

As we have reported in earlier alerts, GOA is working in other states to get localities to declare themselves as sanctuary counties.

Currently, more than 400 localities have declared themselves to be 2A sanctuaries across the country — and over 100 of them are in Virginia.

You can view GOA’s Fact Sheet on this matter — and find a draft sanctuary resolution to give your local officials — by going to GOA’s Action Page for Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinances.