Abolish the ATF!

GOA is now being attacked because we want to ABOLISH the ATF.

We stand by our mission 100%. The ATF’s days of waging war on YOUR God-given rights MUST come to an end.

Here’s our plan to make it happen:

Five-step plan to abolish the ATF

Please make a contribution to GOA’s Abolish the ATF Fund to help us carry out our mission to abolish the ATF once and for all.

The statement below comes from an anti-gunner, who testified during the recent House hearings on so-called “assault weapons.”

"GOA - a group so extreme that it calls for abolishing the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives"

“Extreme?” I’ll tell you what’s extreme…

Extreme is the ATF admitting to breaking federal law to compile 1 BILLION records on gun owners…

Extreme is the ATF bypassing Congress to create its own gun laws…

Extreme is the ATF decreeing arbitrary rules that turn innocent gun owners into felons overnight.

Let’s also not forget the countless horror stories of the ATF harassing and intimidating honest gun owners for merely exercising their constitutionally protected rights.

Most recently, the ATF showed up at a gun owner’s home in Delaware demanding information on his firearms, apparently without a warrant.

Of course, how could we ever forget what happened during the Waco massacre where 76 Branch Davidian members DIED during the ATF’s raid?

The ATF simply cannot be “reformed.”

The ATF cannot just be “held accountable.”

And while the ATF must certainly be defunded, ending their stream of taxpayer funds is not enough to completely end its power over your God-given rights.

The ONLY acceptable path forward is for the ATF to be ABOLISHED.

At a fundamental level, the ATF simply should not exist. Its very purpose is to infringe upon your constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

And as we’ve witnessed over the years, not only does the ATF regulate your right to defend yourself, but it does so in abusive, tyrannical, and, sometimes even, deadly ways.

GOA will use every tool at our disposal to dismantle the ATF. That includes, but is not limited to:

🎯 Legislative means by overturning unconstitutional laws like the “Gun Control Act”

🎯 Taking the ATF to court over its abuses of power like GOA is currently doing in our lawsuit over their new ghost gun and registry rules

🎯 Electing TRUE pro-gun allies to Congress who will strip the ATF of its powers, defund it, and ultimately ABOLISH it

But to carry out our mission to ABOLISH the ATF, GOA will need YOUR sustained support.

So please, make a contribution to GOA’s Abolish the ATF Fund to help us carry out our mission to abolish the ATF once and for all.