GOA Generating Thousands of Calls into Congressional Offices

Pelosi Postpones Gun Ban Vote Due to Gun Owners’ Pressure!

Big news today! House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has temporarily put off the vote on banning commonly-owned firearms.

But GOA needs your help to make sure the “assault weapons” ban never passes the House and never reaches Joe Biden’s desk!

We’re running ads to generate opposition to weak links in the House who could succumb to pressure from the gun control lobby, and we’ve already generated thousands of calls into congressional offices. You can see one of our ads below:

Screenshot of Facebook ad from GOA

Please make a contribution to our Ad Fund to ensure our ads can keep the heat on squishy congressmen until the final vote is cast in the House.

One of GOA’s spokespersons, Antonia Okafor Cover, just testified in a House committee against this unconstitutional gun grab.

Below is a screengrab of Antonia Okafor Cover testifying:

Antonia Okafor Cover Testifying before Congress

Antonia stated unequivocally that “the Second Amendment’s primary focus is not about hunting; the Second Amendment was put into the Constitution as protection of the people against an oppressive government.”

She also presented clear facts that gun control not only FAILED to stop shootings in Uvalde and Buffalo, but even aided and abetted them.

You better believe that a ban on so-called “assault weapons” will FAIL to keep us safe and only take guns out of the hands of honest, law-abiding citizens who could thwart would-be mass shooters.

And if Congress can get away with banning some vague thing called “assault weapons,” the door will be opened to ban other commonly-owned firearms like handguns.

Americans did not comply in 1775 when “assault weapons” were banned. And we’re sure as heck not complying now.

You’re our only hope of defeating this tyrannical assault on our God-given right to keep and bear arms.

Please make a contribution to our Ad Fund to ensure our ads keep running until the final vote is cast in the House.