Trump Moving to Eliminate Gun Restrictions on Army Corps of Engineers Lands

Take Action to Allow for Carry on Federal Property!

Gun Owners Need an Outpouring of Public Comments to Dwarf the Anti-Gunners’ Voice

“The real gun lobby in Washington is the GOA.”
–– Senator Tom Coburn August 14, 2009

GOA’s John Velleco (right) presents a Friend of the 2A award to Senator Tom Coburn in 2009.

President Trump is coordinating with his administration to restore your right to keep and bear arms on over 400 lake and river projects, totaling over 11 million acres of public lands in 43 states.

The change will come through the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) rulemaking process, which is open to public comments.

Now we need gun owners to show credit where credit is due.

Please take action and submit your comments in favor of this strong pro-Second Amendment executive action which completes one of GOA’s policy goals that has been stuck in bureaucratic limbo for years.

Over a decade ago, GOA worked closely with Senator Coburn to outmaneuver President Obama and other gun-grabbing Democrats by inserting a pro-gun amendment to the Credit Card Act of 2009.

While our amendment forced the Obama Administration to recognize the individual right to keep and bear arms in national parks (subject only to state-level carry laws), Obama and his anti-gun bureaucracy refused to extend our amendment’s protections to USACE land, as we had intended.

Thus, the federal government has allowed firearms in National Park Service land—including the National Mall in Washington D.C.—but not on public USACE land for the last nine years.

But, your right to self-defense should not be subject to unconstitutional regulations simply because you cross the border from one federal agency’s public land to another.

With your support, the Trump Administration will soon recognize your Second Amendment-protected right to bear arms on USACE land.

Please, contact the Army Corps of Engineers and tell them to support President Trump’s directive!