22/95 HR 666: Vote On Volkmer Amd.

Did Your Rep. Vote for the Beast?
H.R. 666 could give green light for massive gun sweeps

by Gun Owners of America

(February 21, 1995) — On February 8, Congress passed H.R. 666 — a bill that would allow evidence seized from an illegal search to be included in a trial if the officers can claim they were acting in “good faith.” (We’re not joking; that is the bill’s number.)

On that same day, pro-gun Rep. Harold Volkmer (D-MO) introduced an amendment to exempt the BATF from getting these expanded powers. Mr. Volkmer defended his amendment saying that without it, the bill will give the BATF a “green light” to conduct warrantless searches. “They [will] not have to go to the magistrate and get a warrant for anything. They [can] just go right in there and bust those doors down and go in and take the guns,” Volkmer said.

The Volkmer amendment passed 228-198.

The Representatives below voted against the Volkmer amendment. Gun Owners of America sent a letter to every Representative before the vote warning them that a vote against this amendment would be counted as an anti-gun vote. Mr. Volkmer helped publicize GOA’s position by reading the letter on the House floor.

If your Representative is listed below, please call and voice your displeasure (202-225-3121). Let them know that if the bill comes back from the Senate without the Volkmer amendment, you strongly urge him to VOTE AGAINST THE BILL. (It’s a bad bill -even if they keep the Volkmer amendment. Why should Congress remove the disincentives for ANY law enforcement agency to conduct warrantless searches?)

Also, ask your Senators (202-224-3121) to oppose S 54, which is the House version of HR 666. Again, the following people voted anti-gun by voting AGAINST the Volkmer amendment in the House:

Abercrombie Cunningham   Hefley       Lowey       Rohrabacher 
Andrews Davis Heineman Lucas Ros-Lehtinen
Archer Deal Hilleary Luther Roukema
Armey DeLauro Hobson Maloney Royce
Bachus DeLay Hoekstra Manton Sanford
Baesler Deutsch Hoke Manzullo Sawyer
Baker (CA) Diaz-Balart Horn Markey Saxton
Baker (LA) Dickey Hostettler Martini Schiff
Ballenger Dixon Houghton McCollum Schumer
Barr Doggett Hoyer McCrery Sensenbrenner
Barrett(NE) Dornan Hutchinson McDade Shadegg
Barton Dreier Hyde McHale Shaw
Bateman Ehlers Inglis McKeon Shays
Beilenson Ehrlich Johnson (CT) McNulty Skeen
Bentsen English Johnson (SD) Meyers Smith (MI)
Bereuter Eshoo Johnston Mfume Smith (NJ)
Berman Everett Jones Mica Smith (TX)
Bilbray Ewing Kaptur Miller (FL) Talent
Blute Fawell Kasich Molinari Taylor (NC)
Boehlert Flanagan Kennelly Moran Thomas
Boehner Ford Kim Morella Torkildsen
Bonilla Fowler King Myrick Torricelli
Bono Fox Kingston Neal Upton
Brownback Frank (MA) Kleczka Nethercutt Waldholtz
Bryant (TN) Franks (NJ) Knollenberg Neumann Walker
Bunning Frelinghuysn Kolbe Norwood Wamp
Burr Gallegly LaFalce Nussle Ward
Buyer Ganske Lantos Owens Watts (OK)
Calvert Gekas Largent Oxley Weldon (FL)
Canady Gibbons Latham Packard Weldon (PA)
Cardin Gilchrest LaTourette Pallone Weller
Castle Gillmor Lazio Paxon White
Chabot Goodlatte Leach Porter Wolf
Chambliss Goodling Lewis (CA) Portman Wyden
Christensen Goss Lewis (KY) Pryce Yates
Clinger Greenwood Lightfoot Quinn Young (FL)
Coble Gunderson Linder Radanovich Zeliff
Collins(GA) Hansen Livingston Ramstad Zimmer
Cox Hastert LoBiondo Regula
Coyne Hayworth Longley Rivers

This alert was posted by Gun Owners of America, 8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151, (703)321-8585, fax: 321-8408.