MO: For State Senate, Vote Suzie to Save SAPA

Gun Owners of America (GOA) is proud to announce our endorsement of state Representative Suzie Pollock in the Republican Primary for State Senate in District 16.  Suzie’s victory is critical to saving Missouri’s best-in-the-nation SAPA Law (the Second Amendment Protection Act), which her opponent has vowed to dismantle.

GOA is America’s Second Amendment organization known as “No Compromise.”  We have earned our chops by consistently separating the wheat from the chaff at election time; we rigorously screen and monitor politicians to measure them against our gold standard for Second Amendment loyalty.

Suzie Pollock has earned our full-throated endorsement over incumbent state Senator Justin “Janus” Brown.

Suzie is a rock-solid defender of the 2nd Amendment. As our allies at the Missouri Firearms Coalition (MFC) point out, Suzie doesn’t just vote the right way, she is a leader. In fact, she was one of the conservative leaders who pushed SAPA through the state House, against fierce opposition from gun-grabbing Democrats and RINOs. Suzie also led the charge for a much-needed improvement of the Missouri Stand Your Ground Law. Currently in Missouri, the burden is on the law-abiding citizen to prove in court that using a weapon was justifiable self-defense. Suzie sponsored legislation to place the burden of proof where it rightfully belongs – on the government.

As for state Senator Justin “Janus” Brown, he is an utterly unreliable politician with a reputation for saying one thing and doing another.

In Roman mythology, Janus was the god with two faces, known for double-talking duplicity. Justin “Janus” Brown is now campaigning as a Second Amendment hero, even though he is one of the Swamp rats who worked feverishly behind the scenes in Jefferson City to delay and destroy SAPA!

In October, Brown was caught flashing his true colors. In a news article by the Phelps County Focus, Brown admitted that he worked to gut SAPA and that, if he is re-elected, he is going try to rip the teeth out of SAPA! But there are other reasons why our friends at MFC call Brown a “total fraud.” For instance, Brown worked stealthily to ensure that legislation improving Stand Your Ground was killed in the Senate committee he chairs, while publicly touting himself as a supporter.

Friends, Suzie Pollock must win this race to ensure SAPA remains strong in the Show Me State. She has shown us she is the clear choice for gun-owning, Second Amendment-supporting Missourians. You can get Suzie the help she deserves with a financial contribution by clicking here, or by signing up as a volunteer on her campaign by clicking here.