By the Time Armed Thug Saw Quick-Thinking Homeowner Crouching and Holding an AR-15, It Was Too Late

Jonathan Haith says he was sleeping in his Henderson, North Carolina, home on Monday morning when heard a light knock on his backdoor. He ignored the noise at first — but a second louder noise coming from the “laundry room area” got his attention in a hurry.

The loud bang was the sound of an armed thug kicking in his door.

Haith quickly grabbed his AR-15 semi-automatic rifle from under his bed and prepared to confront the unwelcome intruder.

“I crouched down, grabbed the firearm and was walking up the hallway,” he recalled in an interview with WRAL-TV. “As soon as I poked my head around the corner I saw a tall male standing there with a gun.”

The thug was apparently surprised to see the homeowner holding an AR-15. The panicked criminal reportedly shot at Haith first.

“He missed and I reckon I connected,” Haith said.

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