76 Year Old SC Resident Shoots and Kills Suspect Who Tried to Attack Him With a Stun Gun

According to media reports, a 76 year old resident of Lincolnville, SC was walking to his car when he was attacked by a suspect allegedly armed with a stun gun.

When the suspect tried to attack the elderly resident, the resident drew a firearm and fired three shots at the suspect. It is unclear from reports if the resident was carrying the firearm or if he was able to retrieve it from his home or vehicle.

The suspect was found collapsed near the resident’s carport by responding officers. He was declared dead at the scene. A stun gun was also found at the scene of the crime.

The homeowner suffered minor injuries that seem to consistent with a physical altercation. He was treated for those injuries at an area hospital.

This appears to be a straight forward case of self defense. However, police will continue to investigate the incident. There have been no arrests in connection with the shooting.

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