LA: Pro-Gun Bills to be heard by Senate Committee!

Second Amendment Sanctuary bill HB118 and Constitutional Carry bill HB596 will be heard by Senate Committee Judiciary B Tuesday (June 1st) at 10:00 a.m.

HB118 by Rep. Larry Frieman would make Louisiana a Second Amendment Sanctuary State, prohibiting the state, and any governing authorities within the state, from enforcing or assisting in enforcing, federal gun-control measures enacted after January 1, 2021. Essentially, this bill simply says that the people and resources of Louisiana will not be used to help the Federal government enforce unconstitutional laws that don’t exist in Louisiana.

Constitutional Carry bill HB596 by Rep. Bryan Fontenot would restore the right of law-abiding gun owners, 21 years and older, to Conceal Carry a handgun in the state of Louisiana without a permit in those same places an individual can Open Carry.

HB596 is the same bill as Constitutional Carry bill SB118, which recently passed the House by a veto-proof margin of 73 Yeas to 28 Nays. (Currently, SB118 is back in the Senate awaiting approval of amendments added to the bill by the House and should be on the Governor’s desk by the end of next week.)

Governor John Bel Edwards has stated that he would veto any Constitutional Carry legislation, and if he keeps his promise, the only way for Louisiana to join the other twenty states as a Constitutional Carry state would be for the Legislature to override his veto.

That is why it is important that we continue to call and email our legislators!

We need to remind them that we, the people of Louisiana, are overwhelmingly in support of Constitutional Carry; and should the Governor veto it, we expect nothing less than a veto override! I strongly encourage anyone who can to please come to the capitol. (Here are directions to the capitol and suggestions for parking if you are able to attend.) If you can please call the Senate Committee Judiciary B at 225-342-0654 and ask that the committee members SUPPORT and PASS HB118 and HB 596!

Finally, please send a follow up email using the form above.