DE: Two Anti-Gun Bills Make it through Senate!

Unfortunately, the gun-grabbers are hard at work in Delaware.

Senate Bill 3 – sponsored by Sen. Elizabeth Lockman (D) – creates a permit that is required in order to purchase a handgun. This not only restricts your Second Amendment rights, but also is redundant. There is already a federal background check on all handgun purchases in the US, so there is certainly no reason to have a permit requirement that is adding yet another background check. The sole purpose of this bill is to deter even more law-abiding citizens from purchasing self-defense tools.

Senate Bill 6 – sponsored by Sen. David Sokola (D) – bans “large capacity magazines.” This bill uses the mainstream media buzzword to make standard size magazines seem scary and dangerous. Limiting magazine capacity only endangers the average law-abiding gun owner from defending themselves against multiple attackers. It is not uncommon for robberies and other violent crime to involve more than one assailant, and the criminals (as always) are not going to listen to an unenforceable magazine capacity regulation.

Both of these bills have passed in the Delaware Senate. They will likely soon be heard in the House. We at GOA are doing all we can to fight against these, but we need YOUR help!

Please use the form above to urge your state Representative to protect your right to bear arms and oppose these bills ASAP.