Killing US With Gun Control ‘Kindness’

“The truth is that America’s largest cities, all controlled by Democrats, are experiencing unprecedented crime waves…. Yet in response to the crisis of raging violence and discord left-wing policies have created, the one consistent message from the Left is that guns are the root of the crime problem.”

After years of denouncing and defunding police, trying to release as many prisoners as possible, publicly supporting anti-cop riotersopening the border wide to illegal aliens and drugs, and now even using your taxpayer dollars to buy crack pipes in the name of “equity,” Democrats are at last responding to the inevitable crime wave–with a call for gun control.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams

In particular, President Biden recently went to New York City, where murder and shootings are both up 50 percent in the past year, to meet with new Mayor Eric Adams, a former police captain. His predecessor Bill de Blasio cut the police budget by $1 billion and entirely disbanded the 600–member plainclothes anti-crime unit.

Yet while in the Big Apple, Biden didn’t tout what he has called the “1994 Biden Crime Bill,” which allegedly (but not actually) included funding for 100,000 more cops on the street. In fact, during his 2020 presidential bid, Biden claimed he “got stuck” writing that bill.

Instead, the White House touted the Justice Department’s war on guns. It bragged about Biden’s effort to exorcise so-called “ghost guns,” the legal but infamous “unmanufactured non-firearms” that he is trying to outlaw illegally with no act of CongressFinally, it took a victory lap for the President’s Comprehensive Strategy to Reduce Gun Crime, which included a call for a national “red flag” law that could bar Americans from “accessing firearms” if they were “in crisis.” (No word on whether the red flag would include a hammer and sickle.)

During his New York trip, Biden himself admitted that “the answer is not to defund the police,” which would have been good to hear while Democrats across the country were doing so. But he doubled down on the ancient trope that the gun industry is the only organization that is somehow exempt from being sued by the public–a charge that even Left-wing Snopes acknowledges is false. 

The truth is that America’s largest cities, all controlled by Democrats, are experiencing unprecedented crime waves. Throughout the U.S., murder is up 30 percent. Fatal attacks on police are up 59 percentAlmost half of these (32) were ambushes and unprovoked attacks—the most since record-keeping began. There is a direct correlation between these unprecedented increases and Democrats’ refusal to prosecute crime, yet their predictable answer is, as always, gun control.

Everything Democrats are doing is telegraphing an unmistakable signal to criminals that our nation’s left-wing leaders have willfully traded law and order for anarchy and chaos. Consider: calls to defund police are still coming from many quarters, despite a groundswell of opposition from affected citizensdisproportionately inner-city minorities. Left-wing prosecutors refuse to enforce the law, release career criminals from jail, and require minimal–or no–bond for arrestees. Vice President Kamala Harris even promoted a fund providing bail money to violent offenders, one of whom later went on to commit murder. Biden administration open–border policies are allowing an unprecedented flood of illegal aliens, deadly drugs and even suspected terrorists across the Southern border. In fact, Biden’s idea of confronting the drug crisis is to give out free needles and drug kits.

Yet in response to the crisis of raging violence and discord left-wing policies have created, the one consistent message from the Left is that guns are the root of the crime problem.

Thus, the now off-the-charts violence has given Democrats the best pretext they have had to push their gun ban agenda since the last time their soft-on-crime policies exploded in the Crack Wave that crested in the early 1990s.

The crisis of violence serves many purposes for the Left. Gun control is one of the most important, because what can a government do after it has disarmed its citizens? Anything it wants.

Of course, to get to this point, thousands more of us have to die in murders that would otherwise never have happened. But it’s all in a good cause, you see, because it leads to gun control.

The bottom line: Defund-the-police politicos and their gun-grabbing allies are, quite literally, killing us with kindness.

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