IA: GOA-Supported Constitutional Carry Bill Signed into Law!

Iowa just became the 19th Constitutional Carry state!   

Thanks to your help and persistence, Governor Reynolds signed HF 756 into lawThis means, starting on July 1st, adult Iowans will be able to conceal carry without having to beg the government for a permit. Permits are still optionally available for reciprocity reasons to carry in other states. 

Iowa now joins the 18 other states that already recognized that Americans have the right to carry a gun for self-defense without first getting the government’s approval to exercise their constitutional rights.

GOA believes it is important for you to know where your legislators stand, so according to the Iowa Legislature Website, here is how your legislators voted:


The 60 State Representatives who voted AYE (Yes):

  • Andrews, Bacon, Baxter, Bergan, Best, Bloomingdale, Boden, Bossman, Bradley, Breckenridge, Brink, Bush, Cisneros, Deyoe, Dolecheck, Fisher, Fry, Gerhold, Gobble, Graber, Gustafson, Hein, Hite, Holt, Ingels, Jacobsen, Jeneary, Jones, Kaufmann, Kerr, Klein, Landon, Latham, Lohse, Lundgren, Maxwell, McClintock, A. Meyer, Mitchell, Mohr, Mommsen, Moore, Nordman, Osmundson, Paustian, Salmon, Sexton, Shipley, Sieck, Siegrist, Sorenson, Stone, Thompson, Thorup, Westrich, Wheeler, Wills, Windschitl, Worthan, and Speaker Grassley.

The 37 State Representatives who voted NAY (No):

  • Abdul-Samad, Anderson, Bennett, Bohannan, Brown-Powers, Cahill, Cohoon, Donahue, Ehlert, Forbes, Gjerde, Hall, Hansen, Hunter, Isenhart, Jacoby, James, Judge, Konfrst, Kressig, Kurth, Mascher, McConkey, B. Meyer, Olson, Prichard, Running-Marquardt, Smith, Staed, Steckman, Sunde, Thede, Wessel-Kroeschell, Wilburn, Williams, Winckler, and Wolfe.

Three Representatives didn’t vote:

  • Gaines, Nielsen, Oldson


The 31 State Senators who voted YEA (Yes):

  • Brown, Carlin, Chapman, Costello, Cournoyer, Dawson, Dickey, Driscoll, Edler, Garrett, Goodwin, Green, Guth, Johnson, Klimesh, Koelker, Kraayenbrink, Lofgren, Reichman, Rozenboom, Schultz, Shipley, Sinclair, R. Smith, Sweeney, J. Taylor, Whiting, Whitver, Williams, Zaun, and Zumbach.

The 17 State Senators who voted NAY (No):

  • Bisignano, Bolkcom, Boulton, Celsi, Dotzler, Giddens, Hogg, Jochum, Lykam, Mathis, Petersen, Quirmbach, Ragan, J. Smith, T. Taylor, Trone Garriott, and Wahls.

Two Senators didn’t vote:

  • Kinney, Nunn

Please use our Legislator Lookup tool to find your State Representative and Senator and either “Thank or Spank” them accordingly by writing an email explaining how you feel about their vote!

Please use the form above to THANK Governor Kim Reynolds for sticking up for your Second Amendment rights and signing Constitutional Carry into law!