WV: Second Amendment Sanctuary Bill Needs Your Help to be Voted on in the Senate!

The West Virginia Sanctuary bill we have been telling you about is stuck in the Senate Judiciary Committee and needs your help! 

HB 2694 passed the House and was sent to the Senate, only to be halted in the Senate Committee! Do not let it die! 

Please call your Senators in charge of the Judiciary committee, Trump (304357-7880) and Weld (304357-7984)and urge them to push HB 2694 and VOTE YES on making West Virginia a Second Amendment Sanctuary! 

Call both of their offices and say something similar to the following, with your name and contact info: 

“Hello, my name is [____] and I’m calling in regards to HB 2694. I would like to strongly urge Senator [Trump/Weld] to push a committee vote on HB 2694 and vote YES on making West Virginia a Second Amendment Sanctuary State. I believe this legislation to be very important and want to see a vote in the committee, followed by a vote in the full Senate. Thank you.” 

Then, follow up by sending our pre-written email to the rest of the Senate using the form above.