NH: Pro-Gun Bills on the Move

I’ve got good news to tell you! Your activism is working!

Next week three good bills will be considered by the House of Representatives.

HB 307, enhanced pre-emption, HB 334, Constitutional Carry to Snowmobiles and ATVs and CACR 8, strengthening Article 2a, right to bear arms State Constitutional Amendment.

On the heels of two good days in the House of Representatives, the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee met on February 26 and voted CACR 8 “ought to pass.”

This is an important addition to Article 2a of the New Hampshire Constitution that will significantly strengthen our state Constitutional protection of the right to keep and bear arms. It will do this by not only prohibiting the General Court from enacting gun control, but by prohibiting state and local officials from enforcing federal gun control as well.

Several New Hampshire Attorneys General have opined that state and local law enforcement cannot enforce federal law. CACR 8 makes this clear by adding a provision to the New Hampshire Constitution.

Not only that, after gun owners received a GOA alert on March 1 and took action, the Committee voted HB 307 (firearms preemption) “ought to pass.”

HB 307, is vitally important legislation to enhance New Hampshire’s existing firearms preemption law. HB 307 is sponsored by GOA Life Member, Rep. Norm Silber, and three other state reps.

If enacted into law, HB 307 will, once and for all, put a stop to rogue local officials who have been violating our existing preemption law — a law which has been in effect since 2003. We explained, in detail, why HB 307 is so vitally important. Click here and here for our alerts explaining HB 307.

Finally, as we wrote here, HB 334 sponsored by Rep. John Burt, will extend Constitutional Carry to snowmobiles and ATVs. HB 334 was also voted “ought to pass” by the Criminal Justice Committee and is up for a floor vote next week.

We need your help to get all of these bills through the House of Representatives

Please use the above form to send a pre-written message to your State Representatives urging them to vote HB 307, HB 334 and CACR 8 “ought to pass.” These bills will be brought up during the House Session on April 7, 8 or 9.

One final note about the power of grassroots activism. SB 141, which will repeals the broken “gun line,” passed the Senate yesterday on a 14 – 10 roll call vote. Please watch your inbox for what action will be needed as this important legislation moves to the House of Representatives.