House Votes For Gun Control


On March 22, 2018, the House of Representatives passed the anti-gun Omnibus bill.

This bill contains “Take the Guns First” (Fix NICS) language that will send millions of additional names to the FBI background check system.

These will include many veterans and older seniors, plus those with outstanding traffic tickets and medical marijuana cards.

The bill also contained a “school safety proposal,” which prohibits money from being used for guns and gun training.

So none of the Omnibus funds can be used to arm teachers — or school resource officers, such as the hero who stopped a shooting at a Maryland school this week.

The key vote occurred on the “rule,” where 25 Republicans broke ranks with the GOP leadership to vote NO. And in doing so, they almost killed the bill.

The vote on the rule was a narrow 211-207 margin.  The vote on final passage was 256-167.  

Many congressmen will try to fool voters in their district by appealing to the fact that they voted against the omnibus on final passage. What this ignores is that they voted FOR the bill before they voted against it — hence the reason that the rule vote is so important.

Listed are the 25 pro-gun Republicans who voted against gun control by opposing the rule on the anti-gun spending bill.

NOTE: The three Republicans did not vote were Bridenstine, Cramer and Jones. View the full vote here