Gun Confiscation Doesn’t Prevent Murder

Gun Confiscation Doesn’t Prevent Murder

Gun control advocates insist that domestic abusers and suspected domestic abusers should be disarmed. That’s just common sense! Exploiting voter empathy for abused women, the antis have been successful in this particular effort to equate disarmament with public safety. In fact, one does not lead to the other. To wit this story from

According to a police report, officers responded to the 15th Street home and discovered the weapons on June 5, after receiving a call from the mother of [Thomas] Ragsdale’s son. The officers reported finding three rifles — including an AK-47 — as well as a shotgun, five handguns, 46 ammunition magazines and nearly 28,000 rounds of ammunition.

The woman who contacted police said she had grown concerned about statements Ragsdale was making about people plotting to kill him and his son. When officers questioned Ragsdale about the threats, records show, he said he heard voices through his bedroom wall, and believed they belonged to his neighbor’s “gang member friends.”

Ragsdale’s son’s mother, meanwhile, said Ragsdale’s family had a history of mental illness, and that she was worried he was suffering from paranoid delusions. Ragsdale’s son and Alfaro had echoed the concerns, saying they believed he was hearing voices in his head, police said.

The officers placed Ragsdale on an involuntary psychiatric hold, judging that he was a danger to himself or others, and seized his weapons as prescribed by state law.

The story details some back-and-forth between Mr. Ragsdale and the police regarding his “high capacity” magazines and whether or not his AK was “grandfathered-in” before California’s “assault weapons” ban.

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