Great Grandma Kills 12-Foot Alligator

Great Grandma Kills 12-Foot Alligator that Ate Her Miniature Horse

A great grandmother in Livingston, Texas, shot and killed the 12-foot alligator that ate her miniature horse.

The great grandmother, Judy Cochran, is also Mayor of Livingston.

USA Today reports that Cochran had been searching for the alligator for three years, following the disappearance of her miniature horse. She had seen numerous crocodiles on her land since that time but said that none of them were big enough to have eaten the family pet.

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Cochran baited the alligator by putting a Raccoon carcass on a hook. Once the gator was on the hook it was legal to shoot, and Cochran said she was surprised that it only took one shot to kill the predator…

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