Florida Constitutional Carry Dies for Third Consecutive Year Under Republican Leadership

For the third year in a row, constitutional carry has died under Florida’s Republican supermajority control of the state’s legislature.

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Sadly, the state no longer deserves the “Gunshine State” nickname. Rather, the entire state should be called “Disney World”. Why? Because a lot of make-believe is created and sold within the borders by lawmakers. The legislative leadership advertises itself as being pro-freedom and pro-gun. Yet, time and time again, they show that isn’t the case. It’s a convenient campaign slogan and nothing more.

Constitutional carry was a hotly contested issue in Florida this session. You’ve seen the reports of the pro-constitutional carry petitions that were tossed in the garbage.

Now you’re going to be hearing all the excuses as to why HB 103 has died. Yet again.

The allegedly pro-gun political lapdogs and gatekeepers of the anti-gun legislative leadership have made the argument that the reason bill died is because there was no companion bill in the Senate. They used the same phony excuse last year. It’s like deja vu all over again.

But constitutional carry wasn’t the only pro-gun measure killed by GOP inaction. They also killed a bill that would have repealed a ban on the sale of ammunition and firearms during declared states of emergency. That one had companion bills in both chambers (HB 6095 & SB 1528), not that it made any difference. The Republican leadership in both the House and Senate refused to move these bills forward.

According to the legislative gatekeepers, Rep. Anthony Sabatini — who submitted the House constitutional carry bill — failed because he never got a companion bill submitted in the Senate. They say he didn’t kiss the right asses talk to House committee chairs to bring the bill up for debate and vote.

Florida’s GOP leadership is never at a loss for excuses as to why permitless carry for Floridians isn’t possible…year after year after year.

What excuse will they use next? That blocking the replacement of the Mocking Bird as the State Bird again is more important? This year, it was designating strawberry shortcake as the official state dessert (never mind the fact that the official state pie is already Key Lime).

Contact Governor Ron DeSantis and demand a Special Session be called for Constitutional Carry.

His office is (850) 717-9337 and email is [email protected].

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