GA: Good News and Bad News in the Peach State

Take Action to Support Pro-Gun Bill, and Stop Anti-Gun Legislation

I have good news and bad news.

First, the bad news. Anti-gun forces have hidden New York-style, red flag gun confiscation in HB 1013.

This bill supposedly addresses mental health issues; however, Section 3 hijacks Georgia’s mental health system into a red flag law. In essence, it is similar to the “see a shrink, lose your guns” regulation gun owners have fought at the federal level.

In truth, there is no easy “fix” to Section 3. It should be removed from the bill completely.

Please take action to stop this attempt at passing red flag gun confiscation above!

Speak Up for a Clean Constitutional Carry Bill

Now, the good news! Both chambers in Atlanta have passed Constitutional Carry legislation, and the governor has indicated he’d like to sign it.

As the bill goes to a conference committee, please take action above to urge legislators to resist attempts to weaken the bill! Georgians deserve full Constitutional Carry, not watered-down, halfway measures.

GOA has made it easy for you to take these actions. You can send both messages to stop red flags and support Constitutional Carry in just a few clicks by taking action above.

Thanks for your defense of our freedoms!