Woman Retrieves Gun, Fends Off Boyfriend’s Attacker

Woman Retrieves Gun, Fends Off Boyfriend’s Attacker

Last week in Detroit, Michigan, Bonnie La Rose saw her boyfriend being beaten. She retrieved her gun, a .38 revolver, positioned herself between her boyfriend and the attacker, and warned him that she would shoot if he took another step toward her or her boyfriend. The attack ended.

According to USA Today, La Rose looked out the window of her home to see her boyfriend, Steve Miller, on the ground, being badly beaten about the head. She grabbed her revolver, ran outside, and stood with her body straddled over Miller’s. Describing that moment, La Rose said, “I took a stance to shoot.”

She then told alleged attacker Jerry Thomas Ficht she would “shoot and kill him” if he took a step toward them. Faced with the gun, Ficht retreated.

Miller was taken to the hospital, where he underwent hours of surgery for an arterial bleed, received 23 staples on his head, and is being monitored for further damage. The beating was so intense that Miller’s “prognosis is unknown.”

Ficht was arrested “on a charge of assault with intent to commit great bodily harm less than murder, a 10-year felony.”

The incident allegedly occurred because Miller was blowing leaves and accidentally blew some into Ficht’s yard while Ficht was intoxicated. The sheriff’s office said, “Ficht screamed at Miller, then started punching him until he fell to the ground.”