Armed mom foils home invasion

Armed mom foils home invasion

A home invasion was cut short by a Waynesboro woman with a loaded shotgun and a .44 Magnum.

Burke County deputies were called to her home on Highway 56 North around 9 p.m. Thursday after the 44-year-old resident heard her dogs barking and spotted someone trying to get in through the storm door.

According to the report, she saw a tall black male dressed in dark clothing and a ski mask.

When the storm door wouldn’t give, he picked up a porch chair and tried to shatter the glass.

But the would-be burglar got more than he bargained for.

The woman produced a single shot .410 shotgun and fired at him.

Then, she retrieved the Magnum from the bedroom and sent four more shots in the direction of the fleeing offender.

Officers searched the nearby woods but could not find a blood trail or evidence that the intruder had been hit.

Deputies said he may have had an accomplice.

“She heard him tell someone, ‘that’s (the homeowner’s) wife,’” said Sgt. Dedric Smith of the Burke County Sheriff’s Office. “That led her to believe there was more than one person out there.”

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