Do You Carry At Home? Why It’s ALWAYS A Good Idea…

Do You Carry At Home? Why It’s ALWAYS A Good Idea…

Many of us look forward to settling down after a nice, long day at work. It’s natural, reflexive nature to just unbuckle the belt, unclip the holster and put the gun away. Especially for those folks out there looking forward to the embrace of their children or significant other – home is the place we relax. It’s the place where we settle down for the evening.

Unfortunately, there’s plenty of people hoping that’s the case, too.

According to one study funded by the City of Houston, Texas, the majority of home burglaries and invasions occur during daytime hours. Specifically, 7 am – 2 pm.

*Time of Day (TOD) analysis by several other police departments for major metropolitan areas have also been conducted but unfortunately, the FBI does not publish specific statistics on reported TOD – just numbers of incidences, location, etc.

A lot of Americans aren’t home during those working hours. We’re out working. Our kids are normally in school. We’re not home. So, for a burglar, who is characterized broadly as a male, 25 years or less, and statistically living within 2 miles of the place he intends to rob, the time of least resistance is during those hours.

Another astonishing statistic is that most of the burglars live in close proximity and are even familiar with the residence prior to committing the home invasion.

So, unfortunately, the person robbing your house is statistically likely to be somewhat familiar with your daily routines and patterns.

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