House Guest To The Rescue: Shoots And Kills Home Intruder, Sends Other Three Running For Their Lives

Mom Shoots Man Who Broke Into Daughter’s Playroom – “It was either him or me”

A Newport News, VA mother, who wants to be identified only as Allie, acted quickly when a man she didn’t know banged on her door and eventually broke into the home through her daughter’s playroom.

“Someone started banging on the door and messing with the door knob,” Allie said. “He was screaming like, ‘Let me in baby, we are okay let me in, they are out to kill me,’ I looked through the peephole and I didn’t recognize who it was, so I latched the top lock, ran to the back, called 911 and got my gun.”

For Allie, grabbing the gun was instinct; it was something she and her husband have talked about and trained on for years.

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