Child Carjacker Shot by Concealed Carrier In Miami

Child Carjacker Shot by Concealed Carrier In Miami

A poorly-parented child who should have been in bed getting rested for school was instead out with a bunch of other thugs, and decided to attempt to carjack a woman and her boyfriend.

He got an education in ballistics and trauma care instead.

An attempted 13-year-old carjacker has been hospitalized after one of the victims took matters into his own hands.

“The light, flashing light through the window, I went out, and I saw six, seven police cars and a guy lying in the street,” said Eduardo Fernandez.

Fernandez was a witness to the aftermath of, what North Miami Beach Police called a thwarted carjacking attempt at the intersection of Northeast 159th Street and 16th Avenue.

One of four suspects, a 13-year-old, approached the Honda Civic. The woman behind the wheel yelled to her passenger that the suspect had a firearm. “At that time, the passenger drew his firearm and shot two times,” said Detective Cora Mann of the North Miami Beach Police Department. “He was afraid for his life. He was protecting himself and his girlfriend.”

The 13-year-old was rushed to Ryder Trauma Center in stable but serious condition. The other three suspects ran off. Neither of the two passengers in the Honda were injured.

The young punk learned the hard way that there’s no honor among thieves, as his compatriots left him bleeding in the street without a second thought to his condition. Like most criminals, they only cared about themselves.

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