Couple Shoots Three Armed Attackers

Friday, a Georgia couple was out and about doing what a lot of people do heading into a weekend — errands. They had just walked out of a Kroger store after buying some groceries when they were approached by three men.

According to DeKalb Police spokeswoman Shiera Campbell, the couple was inside the store when a group of three began following them. The trio then followed the couple out of the store into the parking lot, where there was an exchange of “a large amount of gunfire.”

Police believe the group targeted the couple, but don’t believe the parties knew each other before the incident.

“Whether it was a robbery or a carjacking, we don’t know right now. It’s still too early on in the investigation to say,” Campbell told 11Alive at the scene.

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This is why we carry. Not because of fear, not because we’re hankering to shoot someone, not because we’re itching for a fight. Law-abiding concealed carriers arm themselves because something like this can and does happen, not only in downtown areas or inner cities, but also in suburban shopping centers or gas stations.

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