CNN’s Richard Quest Won’t Believe Mass Shootings, Murders Exceed U.S. in Most European Countries

On Thursday, CNN’s Richard Quest had a heated discussion with Gun Owners of America head Eric Pratt. Pratt punctured the establishment press-held myth that gun-controlling countries in Europe are meccas of safety. Quest didn’t handle it well.

Quest opened by pretending to avoid debating gun control, given that the two men’s positions are irreconcilable.

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RICHARD QUEST, CNN: Why not add an element of greater control over the access to guns? What is so wrong, besides the Second Amendment — we’ll put that to one side for one second (Well, we won’t. — Ed.) — but what as a matter of principle is so wrong with experimenting with that?

ERIC PRATT, GOA: Richard, experimenting? We have had a several-decade experiment with this, and it’s failing.

This killer, the authorities tell us, bought his gun legally. That tells me he passed a background check. The Las Vegas shooter and the Texas shooter passed background checks. The bar in Orlando shooter passed (a) background check. Both Fort Hood shooters, the Aurora theater shooter, the Navy yard shooter, you just go on and on and on through the list, Richard. They all passed background checks.

And if they couldn’t, like the Sandy Hook shooter up in Connecticut, he killed his first victim, stole her guns, and then took those guns onto the school campus — which was a gun-free zone, he disobeyed that law, said “No guns allowed.”

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