More Churches Looking To Arm Themselves In The Wake Of Sutherland Springs

More Churches Looking To Arm Themselves In The Wake Of Sutherland Springs

Sutherland Springs was a horrible event and something that has impacted almost every Christian in some way. “What would we do if that happened at our church?” many will ask, and it’s something they probably should be asking. Is anyone armed at your church? Is there a plan in place?

Many of the people asking those questions are people in church leadership positions, and they’re apparently taking the stance of “not us, not here.”

“The scriptures make it clear that Jesus has issued a very quotable directive that we are to arm ourselves with the tools and machinery of lethal force,” said Geoff Peabody.

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Peabody teaches gun safety courses free of charge to local church members, from ministers to their security teams. But the deadly mass shooting at a Texas church that claimed 26 lives is sparking interest from religious leaders across the country packing heat to protect their congregation.

“Ministries in the faith community are getting their head out of the sand and trying to get a clue that we are actually our brother’s keeper,” he said.

We first met his students after the South Carolina Church shooting that killed nine members of a bible study group. He’s since trained close to 1,000 people. Deacon Bruce Shoff is one of them. He’s qualified to carry a concealed weapon and he does so in church, quietly.

“We really don’t talk about it. We talk about it with the safety team,” he said.

That’s not to say there’s no resistance to the idea. That’s natural. There are people who believe that good guys with a gun can actually be a problem. There are some who just can’t seem to fathom carrying in church.

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