Armed Citizen Shoots Alleged Carjacker in Philadelphia

Armed Citizen Shoots Alleged Carjacker in Philadelphia

On Wednesday an armed citizen shot an alleged carjacker after he tried to steal a Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SPTA) vehicle in Philadelphia.

The incident occurred around 10:30 a.m.

According to 6 ABC, the suspect was driving a vehicle and crashed while going through the intersection of 63rd Street and Woodbine Avenue. He tried to leave the scene, but his vehicle would not move, so he jumped out and allegedly tried to carjack a white Ford Taurus. “The driver of the Taurus held the door closed so the suspect couldn’t get in,” so he turned his attention to the SEPTA vehicle.

The suspect allegedly ran to the vehicle, pulled the driver out, and jumped behind the wheel but was unable to make the vehicle move, so he got out and began heading back toward other vehicles when the driver of the Taurus yelled, “Stop this guy!” A fight began between the suspect and the Taurus driver, it culminated in the driver shooting the suspect in the leg.

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