Are Republicans Intentionally Trying to Piss Off Their Base?

 As a Republican staffer who has worked for five U.S. Senators and has been involved in politics my whole life, I can’t figure out why the House and Senate Republican leadership is trying so hard to lose their majority. They repeatedly break promises, appear to be incompetent legislators, and have implemented only a fraction of the ideas they promised would become law. This Republican Leadership is an embarrassment.

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Secondarily, this bill violates core ideals of the Republican Party by expanding gun control and keeping in place many liberal big government priorities. The so-called “Fix NICS” bill is gun control plain and simple. In typical D.C. fashion, politicians want to do something to feel better, but the solution doesn’t solve the problem. According to Gun Owners of America, “The dirty little secret of NICS is that hundreds of thousands of people in the database are law-abiding Americans who did nothing wrong, unless you count ‘service to your country’ and/or ‘speeding.’” The essential problem with Fix NICS is that it does not provide sufficient due process protections. Rep. Massie spoke in the House Rules Committee last night of an elderly veteran who lost his gun rights because he allows his wife to manage his finances and was declared incompetent by a government bureaucrat. Republicans would turn off their base this fall if they trumpeted that they expanded gun control and brought the country one step closer to closing gun shows and banning so-called assault weapons.

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