AR: Asa Hutchinson Wants to Have a “Conversation” on Gun Control

Some Arkansas Republicans Appear to be Open to Gun Control

Gun owners everywhere are heartbroken over tragedies in Uvalde, Texas and Buffalo, New York. Even so, we know that gun control is not a solution that will help prevent such tragedies.

However, it appears that Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson (R) does not agree with everyday gun owners. Instead of standing up for gun owners and the Second Amendment — and advocating for solutions that will actually help prevent tragedies like repealing gun-free zones and arming willing school staff — he has stated he is open to “have a conversation” on raising the age to buy a firearm.

This infringement discriminates against young adults by making them second class citizens. The same young adults who are trusted to vote, start businesses, get married, and be drafted into war should also be trusted with the freedom to protect themselves with the firearm of their choosing.

Nonetheless, Gov. Hutchinson is not the only Republican in Little Rock open to the erosion of our rights. State Senator Kim Hammer (R) recently stated, “That’s something that we’ve got to look at is to make sure that guns are in the hands of the right people.”

Not only is it improper for the government to screen citizens before exercising rights, but the government has also done a horrible job of keeping guns out of the hands of criminals (as nine out of ten background check denials are false positives).

Please don’t sit out this fight. As you might be aware, the House of Representatives recently passed a slew of radical gun control, including “raising the age,” so-called “safe storage,” a bump stock ban, a so-called “high capacity” magazine ban and more. Even more concerning, all these measures listed passed with Republican support!

So take action now and urge Gov. Hutchinson as well as your State Senator and Representative to reject all calls for gun control – especially “raising the age” — and to pass actual solutions like repealing gun-free zones and arming willing school staff.