GA: It’s Not Enough to Just Vote

Can GOA Count On You?

Save the Senate and save the countryGOA is on the ground in Georgia, and we need your help.

As you may have heard, Georgia’s election runoffs will decide the balance of power in the US Senate. If gun owners lose these two Senate seats, anti-gun Leftists will eliminate the filibuster, pack the Supreme Court, and pass Joe Biden’s radical gun control agenda.

That’s why GOA is on the ground in the Peach State mobilizing voters for pro-gun candidates David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler.

But we need your help.

Please go here sign up to knock doors or make phone calls to multiply our reach.
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You will be contacted with further details after signing up and be given training on how to contact voters.​

So please join us at an upcoming of Day of Action:

  • December 5th
    Locations: Smyrna, Athens, and Savannah
  • December 12th
    Locations: Smyrna, Savannah

Once you sign up, you will be contacted with further details. No experience necessary!

GOA is also working on more opportunities for door knocking, so stay tuned.

The Second Amendment is worth fighting for. It’s worth an afternoon of door knocking or an hour of making phone calls.

That’s why we are asking you to step up and help make a difference. We hope you’ll join us!