URGENT ALERT: Tell Your State Rep. to Oppose Gun Control

Urge your state representative to vote NO on HB 4145. Call your rep. at 1-800-332-2313 — and if needed, you can find out who your legislator is here.

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Oregon Bill Would Allow Anyone That You Were Ever Intimate With to Take Away Your Guns

Dear Friend:

I need you to call your state representative immediately at 1-800-332-2313 and urge them to vote NO on HB 4145.

(Click here to quickly locate your representative.)

If legislation to be considered tomorrow by the Oregon House is passed into law, you could be stripped of your guns by a motion from any person who was ever intimate with you — ever.

The bill (House Bill 4145) does several of sneaky things. And, although it pretends to be ministerial in nature, a closer examination shows that its impact is far-reaching — and deliberately concealed.

But here’s the crux: Section 1 of the bill would allow any “household member” to petition for a restraining order against you.

(Current law limits a restraining order to “an intimate partner” or a child of one of the two of you.)

Once the restraining order is issued, you would be barred from owning guns. And all the “household member” would have to show is that you were a “credible threat.”

You may have heard the term “credible threat” in the liberal media. And what it means, anymore, is that someone — ANYONE — has accused you of something.

Oregon Firearms Federation has shown that it is very easy to make a fallacious accusation and NOT be prosecuted.

So what is a “household member”? It’s defined in ORS 135.230, and it includes “(c) Adult persons related by blood or marriage, (d) Persons cohabiting with each other”, and anyone who has ever cohabited with you or who has “been involved in a sexually intimate relationship.”

So, to recap: Currently an intimate partner or a kid can ask for a restraining order which will result in the loss of your guns.

Under House Bill 4145, just about any relative … any person in the past who has ever lived with you … or anyone you have ever had sex with can petition for a restraining order.

And all they have to do is throw an unsubstantiated allegation at you — not unlike the thousands of accusations which are flying back and forth in Washington in a flurry of partisan vitriol.

So please call your state representative immediately. You can use the toll-free State Capitol directory at 1-800-332-2313.

And you can click here to see who your Representative is.

Ask him or her to oppose banning guns by unsubstantiated allegations from anyone who is related to you or who ever lived with you — EVER.

Thank you.


Michael Hammond
Legislative Counsel