Olympia Going Crazy for Gun Control

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The Push for Gun Control Never Ends

Dear Friend:

I need you to contact your state legislators, right away.

The state legislature is preparing to consider several different gun control proposals — each one nastier than the one before it. 

You can click here to send your state legislators an email opposing all of these draconian gun restrictions.

Here are the specifics.

1) SB 5444/HB 1387: A ban on unregistered semi-autos and magazines. 

This bill would require virtually all semi-automatics and “high-capacity” magazines to be licensed by the state.  

With a “grandfather clause” which is very limited in duration and scope, the bill would turn gun owners into felons if they continued to “possess” their unregistered AR-15’s and AK-47’s (under a new “one-feature” test) or magazines. 

To obtain a license, the person must certify, under penalty of perjury, that he will keep the gun locked up and that he will NOT use it for self-defense.  This, even though many gun owners purchase AR-15’s for self-defense — and have used these firearms to ward off criminal attacks.  

But essentially, this bill will treat you similar to the subjects in England — you will be able to use your registered gun for licensed hunting and approved target shooting, and that’s about it. 

Incidentally, in states like New York, which previously registered semi-automatics, a semi-automatic ban soon followed.  And guess what?  The registry list gives the SWAT teams a convenient list of addresses to visit. 

2) SB 5463/HB 1122: Prohibition on the use of firearms for self-defense. 

This bill would essentially make it illegal to keep a gun for self-defense.  If you don’t keep your gun locked up and inaccessible — and your almost-adult kid (who regularly goes hunting with you) shows it to a friend in the woods behind your house — you become a Class C felon and will lose your gun rights. NOTE: HB 1122 has already passed out of committee. 

3) SB 5992/HB 2422: Criminalization of high-capacity magazines, tripods, scopes, pistol grips and bump stocks. 

This little gem — which has already passed out of a Senate committee — would outlaw civilian possession of any “trigger modification device.”  

Although the bill gives examples of “trigger modification device[s]”, the term, at its core, means ANY part or combination of parts designed or intended to accelerate the rate of fire of a firearm…”  And that’s it. 

What sort of part makes your firearm (of any kind) fire faster? Certainly, a polished bolt or a light trigger or a high-capacity magazine.  But also a tripod, scope, or pistol grip. 

Thus, this is a “gotcha” bill that pretends to have a narrow purpose, but in fact extends much, much broader.  If liberal anti-gunners don’t believe that, then have them answer this question:  Given that “bump stocks” are especially designed to work with semi-automatic rifles, why does this bill (in paragraph (10) of the definitions) regulate parts for ALL kinds of firearms, including shotguns, pistols, and handguns? 

4) SB 6049: Criminalization of standard-capacity magazines. 

This bill, with a very limited grandfather exception, would outlaw the civilian possession of a magazine with a capacity of over ten rounds. 

5) SB 6146/HB 2666: Repeal of Washington’s firearms preemption law. 

This bill would repeal Washington’s firearms preemption law, and would allow anti-gun jurisdictions to ban or regulate any or all firearms in any way they choose. 

6) HB 2293: Additional gun bans.  This bill would make it a crime to possess a firearm, BB gun, or most other functioning toy guns in a “child care center,” even if the center is located in or adjacent to someone’s home.  Thus, if you have a child care center, you’re banned from gun ownership.  Most toy guns are also effectively outlawed.  In addition, it would outlaw tasers; so, if a woman being pursued by a stalker carries one of those in her purse, she’s a criminal as well. 

7) HB 2519: Gun owner harassment for concealed carry holders. If your concealed carry license has been seized by the government — even unlawfully — this bill would make it unlawful for you to get it back until you had passed another Brady Check.

Again, the legislature is planning to turn many law-abiding gun owners into criminals.

Please urge your legislators, to oppose all of these draconian gun ban proposals. 

In Liberty,

Erich Pratt
Executive Director

PS: Please take action against all these bills and contact your state legislators today. And if you’ve let your membership lapse, make sure to renew your membership in Gun Owners of America today for only $20!