Calls for gun confiscation loom in Congress

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S. 7 Would Allow the very Gun Confiscation Orders that Killed Gary Willis in Maryland

In this day and age, there are few capital crimes in America for which you’re likely to ever be executed.

But, if gun grabbers have their way, one of them will be: “BEING A GUN OWNER.”

Gun Confiscation Orders (fraudulently sugar-coated as “red flag laws”) which have been passed in 13 largely-Leftist states are really scary:

  • In Ferndale, Maryland, 60-year-old Gary Willis was summarily executed by police with a Gun Confiscation Order, when he came to the door at 5:17 a.m. with a gun in his hand. It now turns out that the Gun Confiscation Order was obtained by a vengeful relative who wanted to punish Willis for his political views.
  • In Seattle, Washington, an early report by Fox News showed that Gun Confiscation Orders were being summarily approved in almost every case.
  • In Middlebury, Vermont, authorities were concerned about threatening remarks that were attributed to two teenage boys. So prosecutors obtained a Gun Confiscation Order against the uncle of one of the teens — and then, without any statutory authority, used the order to strip the law-abiding uncle of his constitutional rights.

All of this shows that, when the government has begun to slide toward authoritarianism, it’s really a little too late to expect “the rule of law” to be followed.

Currently, Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham has said that he’s working with anti-gun zealot Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) to craft a Gun Confiscation proposal.

Under the Blumenthal-Graham proposal, states would presumably be bribed to enact statutes which allow police or an angry “ex” to convene “secret courts” to strip gun owners of their Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights.

The first thing the gun owner would learn about it is when the police knocked on his door in the middle of the night, ready to ransack his house and, if he resisted, to arrest him or shoot him to death.

But even by the fascist standards of New Jersey and California, the federal legislation imposing Gun Confiscation Orders is extreme!

S. 7 would allow Gun Confiscation Orders

S. 7 is currently the only “red flag” confiscation bill to be introduced in Congress. And it is extreme.

To begin with, who can convene a “secret court” where neither the targeted gun owner nor his attorney is allowed to appear?

Under S. 7, ANYONE “related by blood, marriage, or adoption.” To be clear, Elizabeth Warren is distantly related to Indians (1/1024th). And all of them would be able to convene a “secret court” under S. 7.

The secret court “hearing” is so perfunctory it can be conducted by telephone. And, although the bill contradicts itself, it’s far from clear that written testimony must be under oath.

Predictably, virtually every Gun Confiscation Bill, that has been introduced or passed throughout the nation, implies that the police can ransack your house when they arrive to serve the order in the middle of the night.

In S. 7, the court is mandated to give a “clear statement of instruction” as to what they can or can’t do. The search and seizure is supposed to occur “upon issuance of the order.” And police are specifically allowed to use “any lawful authority” to search your house and seize your guns.

Using standard Bloomberg tactics of deceit, every Gun Confiscation Bill across the country lists lots of horror stories about things the court CAN consider. But none of these are prerequisites to the relinquishment of your constitutional rights.

Finally, in every Gun Confiscation Bill that we’ve seen, your “due process” consists of your “right” to spend $10-20,000 to hire a lawyer and expert witnesses and convince a judge he made a mistake. THAT IS NEVER SUCCESSFUL.

And, oh yes, if it were successful, your name has already been sent to NICS; so, good luck on convincing your state to correct the records.

In a gun control movement which is increasingly willing to shred the whole Bill of Rights if it will eliminate gun ownership, Gun Confiscation Orders are the “crown jewel” of repression.

So again, please urge your Senators to OPPOSE S. 7, a bill that would encourage gun confiscation orders around the country.

Thank you.


Michael Hammond
Legislative Counsel

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