Will South Dakota be the 15th Constitutional Carry State?

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Contact Your Lawmakers, Governor to Support Constitutional Carry

Good news!

The South Dakota Senate yesterday reported legislation to allow you to carry a firearm to protect yourself, your family, and your friends — without first getting the government’s permission to do so.

Senate Bill 47 — sponsored by Senators Greenfield, Maher, and Stalzer — passed out of the senate by a 23-11 vote.

The idea of Constitutional Carry is simple: You should not have to get the government’s permission to exercise your constitutionally-protected right to carry a firearm to defend yourself.

You would still be able to obtain an optional permit for purposes of reciprocity or for exemption from the Brady Law. But you would not need a permit to carry concealed in South Dakota.

The fact is that the 14 Constitutional Carry states are among safest states in the country. In fact, the top three safest states in the country are Constitutional Carry.

So we are asking you to contact your state representative and ask that they support Senate Bill 47.

With the departure of Governor Daugaard, we are optimistic that we finally have a governor who will sign this popular legislation.

And you can contact both your state representative and the governor here with one click!

In liberty,

Jordan Stein
Director of Communications
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